Printed Circuitry

GVP has the capability to produce a wide variety of printed circuitry in addition to membrane switches, such as potentiometers, sensors and more.

If your application requires LED's, backlighting, and/or front panel illumination, GVP can do that too.  Whatever your need may be, GVP can be your one-stop shop from design to completion.


membrane switchGVP custom manufactures products for many industries that include:

  • Medical
  • OEM
  • Agricultural Electronics
  • Food Service
  • Test & Measurement
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Automation Equipment
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Military & Defense
  • Home Therapy & Patient Monitoring
  • Fitness

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Our standard Membrane Potentiometer is a conductive printed polyester based circuit that is typical used as a linear position or voltage-dividing sensor. A two position Membrane Potentiometer can also act as a rheostat. These can be provided in a wide range of shapes from a single linear and radial potentiometer to containing several sensing elements within a single device. With a profile as thin as .019", these sensors can also be fully integrated right into your control panel along side of other interactive elements such as membrane keys, LED indicator lights, displays and more. Due to this low profile, the Membrane Potentiometer also allows for instillation and integration into smaller spaces than can typically be achieved with its bulky mechanical counterpart.

A standard 3 pin Membrane Potentiometer construction consists of a 2 layer Polyester based sensor with a sealed interior spacer layer, and a rear mounting adhesive selected to match your enclosure. The sensor can be actuated with very little pressure, typically between 1-3 newtons, using a spring loaded bearing wiper or even manually using your finger. These can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes with active resistive areas as small as .50" up to 30" in length.  A 10K ohm potentiometer is our standard resistance value with a tolerance range of +/- 20% with a linearity of +/- 5%. The resistance values can be custom tailored to fit your application as well. Here at GVP we have a range of in-house termination options to fit your electrical connection needs.

Our Potentiometers are custom designed to your exact specifications and needs. With a wide range of materials and conductive ink options on-hand, your custom construction can be designed to best fit the operating and environmental conditions that your sensor will be exposed to during normal storage and use. With a sealed construction, these sensors can carry an IP rating of IP65 and can operate in high humidity environments as well as temperatures from -25º F up to 85º F.  A Membrane Potentiometer provides a robust, economical, and simple to use alternative to a traditional mechanical sensor that can withstand a 1 million to over 10 million actuations depending on the construction.

Membrane Potentiometers are a perfect fit for several demanding sectors including the automotive, medical, industrial, robotics, and aerospace industries. These flexible low profile sensors are ideal for position and location sensors for:

Position feedback sensors for automotive, medical, dental, and aeronautical seating

Marine ballast sensors

Inventory tracking in real time – Attached to a spring loaded shelving system, a potentiometer can provide feedback on the levels of product on hand. As a product unit is removed, the spring-loaded slider in the back moves forward altering the resistive reading as it moves the wiper down the potentiometer.

  • Medical fluid dispensing and fluid level detection devices
  • Joint rotation and linear travel feedback for robotic and prosthetic applications
  • Slider and dimmer switches for home renovation
  • Sliders for sound boards in the music industry
  • Position and focusing controls for the security and photography markets

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GVP has provided innovative ideas and products to many customers in the medical and OEM industries. We strive to surpass the expectations set by our customers and the standards common among our competitors.