Pad Printing


membrane switch constructionPad Printing is the perfect printing process for printing on parts that are irregular in nature. From convex, concave, curved, recessed, and discontinuous surfaces, pad printing allows designers a broader range of shapes and designs for the final products. We can print on cables, catheters, handles, clips, shafts as well as other irregular shaped parts.

Our customers demand high quality and that is what we, at GVP, deliver. We have the capacity to do very large volumes, the skill to produce the highest quality achievable, and the most efficient manufacturing process to offer cost savings to our customers. With our 360-degree catheter pad printer, we have the ability to print 360 degrees around a catheter in one printing pass. This provides our customers with a cost savings over the traditional method of printing 3 overlapping passes to simulate 360 degree printing.

Here are a few reasons to make Golden Valley Products, Inc. your choice for all of our pad printing needs:

- State of the art 360-degree catheter pad printer 
- Class 10,000 clean room environment 
- Quality systems policies and procedures 
- Cost efficiency and fast turn-around on parts 
- Full lot tracking certification 
- Leading supplier to the medical manufacturing industry

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