Membrane Switches

GVP has been manufacturing high performance, high quality, and highly durable membrane switches to the medical device, auto, marine, and OEM industries since 1973.


membrane switchA membrane switch is a normally open/momentarily closed switch for activating and de-activating an electrical circuit. Combined with an overlay, this makes membrane switch technology an excellent sealed front panel solution where environmental concerns are an issue. A membrane switch circuit is normally printed on heat-stabilized Polyester using a Silver or Graphite/Silver ink to lend conductivity, along with a UV Dielectric insulating all non-contact areas.

GVP designs and manufactures custom membrane switches according to our customers' specifications. Through the use of cross-over, or conductive vias, we can design a membrane switch much like a multi-layered PCB is designed.

Our reputation for close tolerance and high quality control standards, coupled with extensive R&D efforts, gives our customers the confidence they need in our products. Our team of engineers will work closely with you on your membrane switch design to ensure that all of your requirements are met.

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Membrane Switch Design

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GVP has provided innovative ideas and products to many customers in the medical and OEM industries. We strive to surpass the expectations set by our customers and the standards common among our competitors.