Graphic Overlays


graphic overlaysGraphic overlays, front panels, control panels, nameplates and faceplates - regardless of what they are called, they are one of the most important components in your product. They create the look and feel for your product and is the first thing a customer sees.

You can find overlays in many of the products you use every day! Products such as your remote controller, computer, microwave oven, aircraft gauges, all have graphic overlays.

Whether you are looking to customize the appearance of your new product to “stand out in a crowd”, update the look of your existing product, or to protect an area such as a touch screen, LCD, or LED - GVP can help.

At GVP, we know that your graphic overlay must not only be functional but eye catching as well. Our team of design engineers will work with you to achieve the best combination of form and function while preserving your corporate identity. With our experience, and your input, you will receive the high quality product you are looking for.

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